Capitalize on clinical biomarker research opportunities

Solais™ enables simple, high-throughput tissue analysis in a portable advanced optics research system. You can rapidly collect rich research data from ex-vivo tissue during your standard clinical workflow using a combination of Raman spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and visible light imaging.

  • Accelerates research with Synaptive’s combined infrastructure, technology and expertise
    Synaptive’s research solutions and clinical research team help strengthen your research program
  • Simplifies data collection for tissue analysis
    No staff specialization required
  • Provides results in minutes
    No slide preparation combined with automated scanning creates five-minute workflows
  • Easily integrates with clinical workflow
    Is portable and requires no special set-up; results are easily collected from multiple concurrent procedures

Rich data connections

Using ImageDrive™, your data are easily linked and correlated to other biomarker-rich pre- and post-operative data sources such as pathology and proteomics. Such efficient data collection and aggregation allows you to focus on what matters—exploring clinical biomarkers with the potential to be targets in evidence-based clinical intervention.