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Access patient-specific tractography with unprecedented ease

Synaptive’s aim is to drive automation to optimize the surgical workflow. In 2014, we introduced automated whole brain tractography to the market. We are taking this one step further – with BrightMatter™ AutoSeg our tractography is now automatically bundled so surgeons can see patient-specific bundles of interest within seconds. This information can be combined with vascular, bone, and functional imaging, allowing users to see their patient in new ways to offer better treatment.

Why Tractography?

Tractography is a non-invasive tool used to infer the location of white matter tracts. Understanding the patient-specific position of these white matter tracts may be used to inform safer treatment, such as an approach to a tumor, to help define boundaries of resection, or for post-operative tracking of patient recovery. Learn more about tractography here.

See what Modus Plan can do for you and your patients

Easy access to tractography

Access tractography within seconds for use pre-, intra- and post-op.

Enables precision medicine

Patient-specific information allows surgeons to plan safer procedures and reduce the incidence of deficits.

Open architecture provides a complete picture

Combine tractography with a wide array of other inputs including functional, bone, and vascular imaging, to get a complete picture.

Easy access to tractography

  • Synaptive generates tracts throughout the entire brain automatically, making it easy for the surgical team to access tractography for every patient
  • With BrightMatter AutoSeg, tracts are automatically grouped into patient-specific bundles of interest such as the corticospinal tract, arcuate fasciculus and the optic radiations, so surgeons can easily isolate these bundles of interest, to help avoid key areas of the brain
  • Tractography that is automatically generated is simple enough for users to add to their post-op toolboxes; tractography can now be used to track patients longitudinally
  • See how surgeons are using tractography pre- and post-operatively

Enables precision medicine to support value-based care

  • Allows surgeons to access patient-specific information to perform immersive simulations of various surgical approaches, and tailor their treatment to that individual patient
  • Implement tool-specific workflows, including tubular retractors such as NICO BrainPath® for port-based, minimally invasive procedures

Open architecture provides a complete picture

  • Plan has an open architecture that allows users to bring in any DICOM series with ease
  • Combine tractography with the following to create multi-modal patient images and plan safer surgery:
    • vascular imaging, such as CTA, MRA, XA
    • bone imaging, such as CT
    • functional imaging, such as fMRI
  • Modus Plan is modular: users can export data to Synaptive systems for surgical navigation, or to third party systems

How the Synaptive surgical suite works together

ImageDrive Clinical ensures data is of sufficient quality for clinical use—in this case, to generate tractography. Surgeons can then access data seamlessly to plan surgical approaches, and then send them to Synaptive’s navigation for integrated use in the OR with Synaptive’s robotic digital microscope, Modus V.

See how Modus Plan is being used in clinical research

To see more research related to Modus Plan, visit our Research page.

See how Modus Plan has impacted real patients

Tiffany’s story

Tiffany’s motor function was preserved during brain tumor surgery:
“Integrating tractography into our normal navigation allows us to select a safer corridor to get access to the tumor.” Dr. Ian Lee

David’s story

The Synaptive solution contributed to making an inoperable tumor operable:
“We can take what literally took hours and hours to put together… we can actually generate these fiber tract images and display those fiber tracts seamlessly almost in real time, within moments after generating the images. And that allows us to go from the theoretical to the real.” Dr. Stephen Kalkanis

What surgeons say about Modus Plan

“For lesions near eloquent brain structures, automated whole brain tractography has become the standard of care at our hospital… Automated whole brain tractography is now considered for all patients at our institution who are undergoing intracerebral tumor resection, regardless of whether we suspect the lesion to be near eloquent structures or not.”
Zakaria et al., Cureus 2017

“Modus Plan’s automated tractography technology already allows me to customize pre-operative plans for each of my patients and minimize the risk of complications. Tract segmentation takes our approach one step further, creating an easy process to illuminate or hide bundles of interest as needed. This ability enhances my ability to plan delicate surgical approaches for tumors or other pathology.”
Sebastian Koga, MD, Neurosurgery
Ochsner North Shore Region

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