Modus V

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Fully-automated, robotic digital microscopy—now with 3D visualization and voice-activated control

Modus V™ is a robotic digital microscope that seamlessly combines state-of-the-art engineering with the latest breakthroughs in optics, video processing, and robotic automation to deliver a new operating experience

Digital 3D Microscopy


3D Advanced Visualization
Stereoscopic 3D visualization provides natural depth perception and realistic surgical views for enhanced confidence and precision during difficult surgical tasks.

Wide FOV-Resolution-Color (1)

Immersive Surgical Views
Leveraging cutting-edge optical design, Modus V has a 12.5X optical zoom, significantly larger volume of view than a standard microscope, and enhanced video processing to provide unobstructed, clear views for any surgical approach.


Operate Heads-Up
The Modus V digital monitor alleviates uncomfortable viewing angles and gives your entire surgical team ideal visualization, dramatically improving ergonomics and surgical workflow.

Robotics and Automation

Voice-Activated Control
Automatically control the system settings from within the sterile surgical field, including optics and robotics, for an uninhibited surgical workflow.

Robotic Positioning
Synaptive’s tracked surgical instruments integrate with the Modus V hands-free robotic movement to provide AutoFocus control, eliminating the need for manual focus adjustments.


Enabling Less Invasive Approaches
Modus V gives you unprecedented flexibility, making it easier to perform less invasive surgical techniques without compromising your view, room setup, or ergonomic positioning.

To see surgical video of Modus V in action, visit our channel on YouTube.

Surgical Case Presentations

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Modus V Surgical Videos

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Modus V may not be available for medical device use in your jurisdiction.
Please contact Synaptive Medical for more information on the regulatory clearance status in your jurisdiction.

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