Modus V

Experience fully-automated, robotic digital microscopy

Modus V™ is a fully-automated, hands-free, robotically-controlled digital microscope with advanced visualization that supports a wide range of surgical approaches and workflows. You can operate comfortably and efficiently because the robotic arm, driven by tracked instrumentation, automatically maneuvers the digital microscope to desired viewing angles.

With an optimal standoff distance and a minimal profile in the operative field, Modus V™ offers a large working area. Its enhanced optics, which include a larger field of view, a higher depth of field and more natural color reproduction, ensure that you have a clear view of critical anatomical structures at all times.

Improves surgical workflow
Tracked surgical instruments provide hands-free robotic movement and optical focal depth control

Optimizes your view of the surgical field
Cognitive optics automatically optimize lighting and camera conditions

Robotically-assisted motions
The robotic arm responds to your touch by detecting and performing intended manual adjustments

Simplifies room positioning and setup
Full surgical articulation of the robotic arm simplifies room positioning and setup

System status overlay
System settings, including optics and automation, are displayed on the video overlay, to help you maintain focus on the primary surgical monitor and your patient

Designed for the future of digital processing
Platform is built for the digital future of surgery with software designed for upgrades that will take advantage of advances in data capture and analysis

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