Synaptive partners with healthcare teams to understand the challenges they face both in the operating room and across the hospital. With their needs in mind, we’ve designed our Brightmatter™ product suite.

Our products unite surgical planning and navigation, robotic automation, digital microscopy and informatics through a uniquely interconnected, fully integrated platform that helps you access the right information about your patients when and where you need it most.

Modus V™ is a fully-automated, hands-free, robotically-controlled digital microscope with advanced visualization that supports a wide-range of surgical approaches.
Evry™ is a point-of-care head MRI designed to improve accessibility to your patients.
ImageDrive™ Clinical integrates your patient’s digital footprint across the circle of care through its web-based, adaptable, multi-disciplinary data hub.
BrightMatter™ Simulate enables you to effectively practice and evaluate surgical approaches and workflows in an advanced simulation platform by decoupling patient risk from learning.
ImageDrive™ easily collects, de-identifies, organizes and shares data among research collaborators, providing a secure, web-based, adaptable platform for your research programs.

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