FOX6 News spotlights Texan woman who traveled to Wisconsin for brain surgery with BrightMatter™

Patient’s hemorrhage treated at Aurora St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee using Synaptive Medical’s technology

Valerie Johnson thought she just had a headache when she entered an emergency room in a Texas hospital and was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Without access to BrightMatter™ in her hometown, Johnson’s doctor referred her to Aurora St. Luke’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In the video clip, posted on Monday, March 26, 2017, Johnson’s MRI results are shown being mapped with BrightMatter™ Plan, imported into BrightMatter™ Guide and used in conjunction with BrightMatter™ Vision and Drive in the operating room.

The Synaptive team is grateful to Valerie, her family, FOX6 News and the whole team at Aurora St. Luke’s for sharing this story.

Watch the video clip on the Fox6 News website.

In the video clip, Dr. Melanie Fukui of Aurora St. Luke’s Hospital demonstrates how BrightMatter™ Plan’s dynamic, whole-brain tractography allows surgeons to review and explore multiple surgical approaches to create powerful pre-operative plans for patients like Valerie.

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